Botanical Bouquets

Our Botanical Bouquets are back in bloom for Valentine’s Day and you can now choose from three multi-sensory arrangements.

After last year’s Valentine’s Gin bouquet sold out in under 24 hours, we have once again partnered with MUD Urban Flowers to introduce two new striking arrangements - Classic and Rhubarb and Ginger.

Each of three limited-edition bouquets are designed and hand-tied using botanicals from each gin, before being beautifully packaged together with a matching 70cl bottle.

Mirroring the botanicals found in the three gins, this year’s wonder-filled arrangements include everything from pinecones, through to dried orange, lavender, dried lime and even stems of rhubarb. The result is a multisensory match that’s quite literally love at first sight, scent and sip.

This year’s Botanical Bouquets will be on sale exclusively here on the site from 9am on 27th January 2020.