A Novel Idea: New Christmas Storybook Giftpacks

Friday 30th October 2020
Edinburgh Gin Storybook Giftpacks

From a city famous for wonderful stories and captivating storytellers, we’re delighted to announce our new Edinburgh Gin Storybook giftpacks.❣️

Perfect for friends, loved ones, bookworms, and gin lovers alike, our very own beautiful first editions are each bound in a luxurious casing with art deco cues and themed around five timeless titles, including;.

  • Journey To The Centre of The Serve - £55 (1 x 70cl EG Classic with 2 x copa glasses, cocktail recipe booklet)
  • Paradise Found - £50 (12 x 5cl from Edinburgh Gin’s range (1 x London Dry, 4 x Full Strength Flavours, 7 x Liqueur)
  • The Winter’s Cocktail - £35 (1 x 50cl Mulled Gin Liqueur, spice pouch and 2 x copa glasses)
  • A Tale of Two Flavours - £35 (1 x 20cl Gooseberry & Elderflower Gin & 1 x 20cl Rhubarb & Ginger Gin and 2 x branded glasses)
  • Olive or Twist (coming soon) - £65 (1 x 70cl EG Classic, mixing jug, zester, spoon and measure)

It’s a collection you can literally pour over, featuring our award-winning range of London Drys, flavoured gin, and gin liqueurs, along with a variety of cocktail accoutrements. Bound in a luxurious casing with art deco cues, the Storybooks are an exquisite addition to any home bar - or bookcase – making them an ideal present this festive season.

But for one lucky person, a Storybook will contain much more than just incredible gin. Drawing inspiration from the Scottish Capital’s love for the written word, we're hiding an authentic first-edition novel worth thousands, in one of our new ‘Storybook’ giftpacks – just in time for Christmas.

In a special twist, sure to surprise and delight, we've hidden a ‘golden ticket’ in one of the sets completely at random.

Once discovered, the recipient can use it to redeem an original, first edition book of their choosing - from titles such as 1984, The Savoy’s Cocktail Book, and more. The perfect accompaniment to a delicious cocktail or winter warmer delivered in time for Christmas (T&Cs apply).

First edition books hold enormous value with any discerning reader. They’re the original printing of a story, true to the author’s initial version, making them a piece of history that often costs upwards of £2k.

Nowadays - as physical books are swapped for digital soundbites, and the quiet moments of down-time to enjoy a classic novel more precious than ever - the chance to hold a piece of classic literature is priceless, making this an extra special gift.

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