Bramble & Honey Gin

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Reminiscent of days spent searching for perfectly ripe berries

Edinburgh Gin’s Bramble & Honey Gin is a naturally decadent combination of dark fruit and silky honey. We post-infuse Edinburgh Gin Classic with fresh brambles and honey - the result is mouthwateringly rich, a tantalising gin that delights the taste buds.

With enticing notes of dark berry and crisp juniper on the nose, followed by full, fruity berry and floral honey on the palate, this 40% abv gin is luxuriously smooth.

Edinburgh Gin Bramble & Honey works well served neat as a considered sipper or topped with tonic and garnished with lemon for a fruity update on the G&T. During the warmer months try it as the base of a refreshing spritz or, in winter, add it to mulled wine, for a satisfying blackberry hit.

Tasting Notes

  1. 1

    The Nose

    Rich, dark soft fruit

  2. 2

    The Palate

    Sweet, fruity notes balanced by classic juniper

  3. 3

    The Finish

    Smooth honey and a lingering richness

Signature Botanicals

  • Bramble


    A full-bodied berry flavour, beautifully balanced with honey.

  • Honey


    A rich sweetness, silky and luxurious.

  • Juniper


    This crisp, juniper-forward gin is full of natural flavour and perfectly balanced.

Our Bramble & Honey Gin is a luxurious expression. Alongside the crisp juniper notes found in our Edinburgh Gin Classic, there’s a rich and full-bodied berry flavour which perfectly harmonises with sweet honey. It’s deliciously decadent.
- David Wilkinson, Head Distiller