Raspberry Liqueur

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Our intensely fruity liqueur, packed with the summer’s juiciest raspberries.

Edinburgh Gin's Raspberry Gin Liqueur is an intensely fruity liqueur, packed with the juiciest summer raspberries and our award winning Edinburgh Gin Classic.

This 20% ABV liqueur is delicious served simply over ice, or added to soda water with a twist of lemon to enhance its summery sweetness. It’s a perfect addition to dry Prosecco, or shaken together with Edinburgh Gin, lime juice and muddled fresh raspberries, then top with rose lemonade in a Ramblin’ Raspberry Rose cocktail.

Tasting Notes

  1. 1

    The Nose

    Definitive red berry aromas balance sweet ripeness with a tart edge.

  2. 2

    The Palate

    It is viscous and intensely flavoured, bursting with red berry fruit.

  3. 3

    The Finish

    A fully rounded, unabashedly raspberry-filled finish.

Signature Botanicals

  • Raspberries


    A classic juicy berry flavour.

  • Orange Peel

    Orange Peel

    Classic citrus notes to balance with the juniper.

  • Mulberries


    Adds juicy sweetness and smoothness to the aftertaste.

  • Pine Buds

    Pine Buds

    Fresh wooden notes added to the aroma. Vapour infused to extract only lightest flavours.

  • Lavender


    A classic floral note, with distinct aromas that complement the pine notes.

  • Lemongrass


    More herbal and aromatic than lemon peel with less of the sharp, acidic flavour.

The raspberries are picked at peak ripeness to ensure the right amount of sweetness to balance the fruit’s natural tartness.
Finlay Nicol, Distiller

Raspberry Liqueur Cocktails