Strawberry & Pink Peppercorn Gin Liqueur

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A punchy combination of sweet and savoury that stimulates the senses.

Edinburgh Gin’s Strawberry & Pink Peppercorn gin liqueur is bright and bold in both flavour and colour, a fresh and fruity expression with an unexpected peppery punch!

Succulent strawberries deliver delicious sweetness followed by a soft trace of pepper on the nose. The taste follows suit, with mouthwatering candied fruit and then a warming heat from the pink peppercorns.

The perfect mix of sweet and spice, our Strawberry & Pink Peppercorn liqueur can be enjoyed neat over ice or topped with sparkling wine. It also makes for a refreshing long cocktail, muddled with fresh basil leaves and topped with soda.

Tasting Notes

  1. 1

    The Nose

    A sweet burst of fresh fruit with subtle peppery notes.

  2. 2

    The Palate

    Candied strawberries followed by a warming heat.

  3. 3

    The Finish

    Silky with a surprising spice.

Signature Botanicals

  • Strawberry


    Fresh sweetness from soft fruit.

  • Pink Peppercorns

    Pink Peppercorns

    Subtle fruit notes with a gentle hotness.

  • Orange Peel

    Orange Peel

    Classic citrus notes to balance with the juniper.

  • Mulberries


    Adds juicy sweetness and smoothness to the aftertaste.

  • Lavender


    A classic floral note, with distinct aromas that complement the pine notes.

  • Lemongrass


    More herbal and aromatic than lemon peel with less of the sharp, acidic flavour.

This liqueur balances sweetness from soft fruit with the perfect amount of pepperiness from the pink peppercorns. The candied strawberry notes and gentle heat result in a stimulating and surprising expression.
David Wilkinson, Head Distiller