Apple & Spice Liqueur

Apple & Spice Liqueur

££16.50 ABV 20.0%

An enticingly crisp liqueur, brimming with lively exuberance from fresh green and red apples, matched with warming cinnamon.

A celebration of a classic flavour pairing of fresh apples and warming cinnamon, reminiscent of warming apple crumble. Flavourful, crisp red and green apples are naturally blended with spicy cinnamon. Edinburgh Gin Classic is the heart of our liqueur range, the tangy sweet apples are complemented by the piney notes from the juniper. An exuberant gin liqueur that is brimming with tangy fruit flavour.


Bright apple sweetness with a gentle hint of juniper.


Satisfyingly juicy, packed with lively green apple flavour.


A fruit-led finish with lingering spice.

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